Martial Arts

Self-Defense Training for the REAL World!

Gendai Goshin Jitsu You will not find another school like ours anywhere in this area. We provide 100% real-world self-defense training, focused on the ability to defend yourself under realistic conditions – not scripted classroom scenarios!  Day and evening sessions available.

3-months, 1 session per week, $200

3-months, 2 sessions per week, $300

1-month, 1 session per week, $75

1-month, 2 sessions per week, $125

Drop-in, $20

Gendai Kobu Jitsu

Weapons defensive and offensive tactics. 

Contact us at 919-488-0343.
Private Lessons Variety of instructors based on students skill-level and type of training desired. 

Per hour:

  • Level 1, $25
  • Level 2, $35
  • Level 3, $45
  • Level 4, $55
  • Renshi, $75
  • Master, $125
Basic Self-Defense Workshop Approximately 3+ hours of realistic, effective training.
  • Non-member, $35 per person
  • Member, $15 per person
Open Gym Drill your techniques and hone your skills at your own pace. TBD
Lunch & Learn & Corporate Workshops Speacialized to meet the needs of the students. Contact us at 919-488-0343.



Please see Calendar for program schedules.

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