Individual Lessons


We will break down your mechanics to find areas of weakness and strength and find those movement patterns that produce the best results.  Repeating your delivery will allow you to be consistent over a long season and be able to make small adjustments but not having to reinvent yourself midseason. Pitch Development is something that can also be taught and worked on (age permitting).  As well as game management, situational pitching, controlling the running game, drills, and arm care.  Work directly with the individual athlete to build a routine that is right for them. 



We will talk about how to get your body into the most powerful position possible to to hit while maintain balance.  Breaking down the mechanics of the swing and weight transfer to find the most comfortable and optimal swing.  Pitch recognition, hand eye, and strike zone recognition all play a factor in having quality at bats. 


Infield, outfield, and pitchers. Footwork, footwork, footwork! Learning to put yourself in good positions with your feet in order to field balls smoothly and make accurate throws.  Reading balls off the bat to take the most optimal routes in both the infield and outfield can take you from a good defender to an elite defender. 


1 on 1

  • 45 min ~ $40
  • 1 Hour ~ $50
  • 1.5 Hours ~ $60

Group Lessons Available

  • Contact for pricing