Bubble Soccer Rules

Standard Rules

  • (1) Soccer Ball in play
  • Court size roughly 80” x 40”
  • Games are 7 minutes in length
  • 3 Minutes change-over period between games
  • 3 players per team
  • No Official GoalKeeper position
  • Substitutions permitted at the discretion of the event referee
  • No Bumping into players already on the ground
  • No overly aggressive playing (Referee Discretion) - Player may be ejected
  • Ball placed at center at kick off & after each goal
  • Players from opposing teams will spaced roughly 10' from either side of soccer ball
  • Center Rush & Bump on each kick off
  • Players between rounds might consider bringing a towel to wipe down the insides of the Bubble due to player sweat

Optional Game

  • Create a large circle with flat cones or use the line markings of a standard soccer field center circle.
  • Circle size to be roughly 30’ diameter
  • Object of the game is to be the “Last Man Standing”
  • All players line up around the circle
  • Once the ref blows the whistle, all players charge into the middle
  • Once (1) person falls to the ground, the ref blows the whistle, that person gets eliminated. The remaining people line up again and the process is repeated until you have (1) winner After 3 attempts in the final round of 2, the game is declared a tie.