Our Trainers

Our Certified Pitching Instructor - Brett Anderson has been involved in the sport of fast pitch softball for just over 30 years.His experience has been that of a travel ball coach, a clinician, and primarily as a private instructor, As a Certified Pitching Instuctor with Tincher Pitching for the past 5 years, Brett has bought to the Central North Carolina area a better approach to pitching called Fluid Dynamics.Fluid Dynamics is designed to help pitchers use mechanics that are designed to utilize their anatomical structure in the best way possible and to allow the pitcher to pitch with a more fluid motion that in turn causes less stress on the body, Using Fluid Dynamics along with creating strong mental approach to pitching,Brett will help your pitcher to reach her maximum potential on the mound.Contact Brett to schedule a lesson and to find out more about Fluid Dynamics and what's makes it better than the old traditional methods/style of pitching.